Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology

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Innotech Materials is developing an innovative technology of cellulose-based nanomaterials for environmental sustanilable solutions.  Innotech Materials produces functional nanocellulose containing amino acids, amines, or carboyxlic acids for various applications in biomedicals, cosmetics, and polymer composites.


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Nanocellulose is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable cellulose-based nanomaterial.  It is lightweight, mechnically strong, and biocompatible so it has many applications including polymer and food additives and pharmaceutical applications.  However, due to synthetic difficutlites, it has limited applications.  Innotech Materials has recently developed an innovative technology to produce an energy- and cost-effective nanocellulose.  More importantly, the technology implements "green" processes with minimum chemical wastes.  It is anticipated that the technology will move forward to environmental sustaniability and significantly impact cellulose-based nanomaterial technology and business. 


Modified Nanocellulose

Oxidized Nanocellulose (ONC) has carboxylic acid and hydroxyl groups so it undergoes facile surface modification to attach organic compounds such as carboxylic acids and amines or biologically importants compounds such as amino acids or peptides.  Modfied nanocellulose has shown several  important features: ehanced thermal stability and solubility to organic solvents, and isolation of dry solids. Innotech Materials currently produces several modified nanocelluloses containing carboxylic acid ester, amide, or amino acids. 


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