Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology

Welcome to Innotech Materials.

Innotech Materials is developing nanocellulose technology  for environmental sustanilable solution.  Innotech Materials has recently developed a cost-effective, energy-efficient process for production of functional nanocellulose.  We are currently exploring its applications in biomedicals, cosmetics, and reinforcing agents for bioplastics.


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Oxidized Cellulose

Oxidized cellulose is prepared from catalytic oxidation of bleached wood pulp or commercial microcrystalline cellulose. There are no treatments of bleach or toxic chemicals during the process, which makes it suitable for many different applications.  

Lignin-coated oxidized cellulose for UV protection or modified cellulose with enhanced hydrophobicity is also available upon request.


SuCellose is a biodegradable, oxidized nanocellulose.  Due to the presence of carboxylic acid, it undergoes a facile surface modification for production of amino acids or peptide-containing nanocellulose.

SuCellose AT is modified nanocellulose  prepared from surface modification of SuCellose, showing unique surfactant-like behaviors.  Upon addition of oil, it forms a uniform mixture. 

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