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Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology

Antimicrobial Nanocellulose


By incorporating an active ingredient with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, the antimicrobial nanocellulose has been developed for various biological activity including bactericidal and fungicidal effects. Many antimicrobials are often hydrophobic to quickly kill microbes but have low water solubility that reduces the activity and limits their applications through aqueous media. With binding to the water-soluble nanocellulose that is identified as a glucose-based polymeric surfactant with low surface tension, significantly reduced viscosity, and foamability to generate bubbles, the enhanced water solubility of the active ingredient was observed, where the active ingredient is a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food additive.



  • Enhanced water solution of the active ingredient
  • Prevention of biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance
  • Effective to kill or control bacreria, yeast and mold at low concentrations 
  •  Antioxidant activity


Antimicrobial Nanocellulose Products


MCA_TH 1000: Water soluble nanocellulose.  A useful antimicrobial and antioxidant additive for food, personal cares, paint formulation, and water treatments. A potential replacement of triclosan.


MEC_T 1000: Insoluble to water and soluble to organic solvents. Please see the hydrophobic nanocellulose. 


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