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Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology

Carboxy Methyl Nanocellulose (SuCellosic Acid)


SuCellosic acid (SCA)  was characterized by solution 1H NMR and IR and around 30 % substitution of the carboxymethyl group was observed. The sodium salt in yellow to brown solids has been prepared, which is soluble to water and insoluble to ethanol. As observed with other oxidized nanocellulose, its solution is fludic.

Carboxylated Nanocellulose (SuCellose CM)

SuCellose CM has rod shapes with 80-100 nm in length and 8-10 nm in width. Due to the presence of carboxylates, it is effective in removal of soluble metal and metal oxides in water treatments.  Due to binding to silicates, it would be effective in glass cleaning. The metal complexes are active catalysts. For example, the Fe complex is effective in iiron-activated dye de-colorization. 



  • Removal of soluble metals and metal oxides in water treatment
  • Nanodispersant



SuCellose CM: White hydrogels in water. Insoluble to water and  organic solvents including ethanol and acetone.


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