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Sustainable Technology

SuCellose AT

SuCellose AT is an amphiphilioc nanocellulose modified from oxidized nanocellulose (ONC).  It shows surfactant-like properties: upon addition of oil, it forms a uniform mixture.  It is cohesive to hydrophobic polypropylene so it would be a useful reinforcing agent for polymer composite. 


AT100 prepared from pharma-grade MCC

AT200 prepared from bleached hardwood pulp


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SuCellose ME


SuCellose ME is methyl nanocellulose prepared from methyl cellulose through cellulose cleavage.  Compared to methyl cellulose which is highly viscous,  it is fluidic and produces foams. It is soluble to water and organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone.


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