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Sustainable Technology

Nanocellulose (SuCellose)

SuCellose is oxidized nanocellulose prepared from bleached hardwood or softwood pulp or food or pharmaceutical-grade microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) without bleach treatments.  Using surface modifcation, it has been used for the production of amine or amino acid-substituted  nanocellulose derivatives.  Due to the shape and significantly reduced size, it would be highly useful for biomedical applications.


SuCellose AT, modified nanocellulose from SuCellose, shows surfactant-like behavior such as oleophilicity and hydrophilicity so it potentially replaces synthetic surfactants in soap and detergent.  It is also effective in oil extraction and removal.


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Carboxy Methyl Nanocellulose (SuCellose CM)


Carboxy methyl nanocellulose (SuCellose-CM) is prepares from catalytic cellulose clevage of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC or cellulose gum), showing rod shapes with ~80 nm in length and 8 nm in width.  

  • Nanocellulose dispersant to enhance the colloidal stability of metal and oxide nanoparticles
  • Effective for metal chelation and removal.

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Methyl Nanocellulose


Methyl naocellulose is methyl ether funcationalized nanocellulose and isolated as pale yellow gel.  It shares some properties such as amphiphilcity, solubility, and low surface tension with methyl cellulose.  For example, like methyl cellulose, it is soluble to cold water and forms insoluble hydrogel at hot water. But, due to the significant reduced size, it is much less viscous and useful for foaming and anti-fogging. Please contact us at  for availability and more information.

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