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Sustainable Technology

Oxidized Nanocellulose (SuCellose) 


An oxidized nanocellulose is isolated as a 10-20% hydrogel with >90% crystallinity based on XRD data.  The particle size is around 50-100 nm (from microcrysalline cellulose) and 100-150 nm (from wood fibers) and shows oval shapes with 2-3 aspect ratios.


SuCellose100 (prepared from MCC)

SuCellose 200 (prepared from hardwood fibers) 


Crosslinking would give oxidized cellulose and nanocellulose many unique physicochemical properties including improved aqueous, structural, mechanical, and thermal stability. 



Amphiphilic Modified Nanocellulose


The modified nanocellulose is a crysatlline nanocellulose adhesive to hydrophobic poly(olefins) so it would be useful as a reinforcing agent in polymer composites as well as in removing persitent organic pollutants (POPs).  It is an effective emulsifying agent but its function is generally pH dependent. 



Less hydrophilic

Adhesive to organics

Reversible between aerogels and hydrogels, so dry solids can re-disperse in water


Applciations: additives for polymer composites, filtering agent for water treatments and air filtration


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