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Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology

Ethyl Nanocellulose (MEC) 


Ethyl nanocellulose is a hydrophobic nanocelluloses insoluble to water and soluble to organic solvents such as acetone, chloroform, and toluene and shows molten state between 180-200 C wihout decomposition.  While it shows strong mechanical strength, it forms clear and white thin films depending on casting methods, suggesting it is a liquid crystalline material. 


Mechanical Strength, MPa

Polyethylenen (800), EC (864, lit) < MEC 1000 (~1200) < Poly(propylene) (>1500)


Nanocellulose for Bioplastic Packaging


Nanocellulose is a biodegradable, biocompatible nanomaterial able to self-assemble to form densely packed thin films, so it has been considered as an effective gas barrier material with mechanical strength. With increasing hydrophobicity it was found that the nanocellulose films are effective moisture barriers suitable for food packaging applications. 


Carbon Dispersion

Due to cellulose oxidation and significantly increased surfaces MEC is an effective polymer binder for carbon dispersion without losing the properties of active components in ethanol, so it would be useful in battery formulation. 



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