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Sustainable Technology

Oxidized Cellulose and Nanocellulose 


Oxidized cellulose (OC) and nanocellulose (ONC) are isolated as a 10-20% hydrogel with >90% crystallinity based on XRD data.  While OC is long cellulose fibrils, the particle size of oxidized nanocellulose (ONC) is around 50-100 nm (from microcrysalline cellulose) and 100-150 nm (from wood fibers) and shows oval shapes with 2-3 aspect ratios.


Oxidized cellulose 

SuCellulose P100 (prepared from MCC)

SuCellose P200 (prepared from hardwood fibers) 


Oxidized nanocellulose

SuCellose100 (prepared from MCC)

SuCellose 200 (prepared from hardwood fibers) 


Crosslinking of Oxidized Cellulose and Nanocellulose


It was further found that crosslinking of oxidized cellulose and nanocellulose improves the water absorbency and mechanical strength of fibers. The oxidation process to produce oxidized cellulose and nanocellulose is optimized to maximize the yield quantitatively and to minimize the use of ingredients to reduce the production costs.


Amphiphilic Modified Nanocellulose


The modified nanocellulose is isolated as a white powder dried in an oven and under vacuum. It would be adhesive to hydrophobic poly(olefins) and useful as a reinforcing agent in polymer composites or an alterntive to carbon black. 


Applciations: An additive for polymer composites; an alterntive to carbon black. 


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