Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology

Oxidized Nanocellulose (SuCellose) 


An oxidized nanocellulose is isolated as a 10-20% hydrogel with >90% crystallinity based on XRD data.  The particle size is around 50-100 nm (from microcrysalline cellulose) and 100-150 nm (from wood fibers) and shows oval shapes with 2-3 aspect ratios.


SuCellose100 (prepared from MCC)

SuCellose 200 (prepared from hardwood fibers) 


Amphiphilic Modified Nanocellulose


The modified nanocellulose is isolated as a white powder dried in an oven and under vacuum. It would be adhesive to hydrophobic poly(olefins) and useful as a reinforcing agent in polymer composites or an alterntive to carbon black. 


Applciations: An additive for polymer composites; an alterntive to carbon black. 


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